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“Walio Katika Mapambano na AIDS Tanzania” (WAMATA) is incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). WAMATA was established in 1989 and got registered formally as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) on 21st March 1990 and earned a Certificate of Registration NO. SO 7264 through Registrar of Societies at the Ministry of Home Affairs. WAMATA was later registered as non-governmental organization under the Non-governmental Organization Act of 2002 and received Certificate of Compliance No. 0841 on 25th June 2009. WAMATA has obtained a DUNS number 850505403.

WAMATA Chief Executive Director

For the past 30+ years, WAMATA has been practicing as a community organization touching lives of the people affected and/or infected by HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Of late, the organization is focusing on six main strategic interventional areas:

1. Community Engagement, with the main objective of strengthening HIV/AIDS ecosystem to enable the community to contribute to improved decision making on HIV/AIDS solutions at the sub national level.

2. Community Capacity Development, with the main objective of developing human resources for health at community level to design, implement and supervise HIV/AIDS prevention, care, social protection and social security schemes.

3. HIV/AIDS Solution, with the main objective of to strengthen HIV/AIDS epidemic response to halt new infections and increase quality services and support for people living with HIV or affected by HIV/AIDS

4. Household Economic Strengthening, with the main objective of creating diversified opportunities that increases Income and Assets for sustainable improvements in health and social wellbeing for people affected with HIV/AIDS

5. Research and Innovation, with the main objective of promoting linkage between research and innovation that use HIV/AIDS data to address community pain points

6. Institutional Strengthening, with the main objective of enhancing WAMATA’s capacity so as to effectively and efficiently undertake its mission.

All along, WAMATA has worked in partnership with different stakeholder’s including Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC), and the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG), Regional and Districts Local Governments’ Authorities, academic institutions, research institutions, private sector, development partners (DPs), philanthropic institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and community stewards at all levels. However, the organisation has been able to establish a pool of skilled experienced and motivated strong local team with expertise on areas of social work, community development, social welfare, care and treatment, public education and mass communication, research and training, entrepreneurships, data-driven innovation, human-cantered design, project management, grants making, donor relations, and resource mobilization E.g., in Dar es Salaam, WAMATA has been able to engage 2,418 field-rated Community Case Workers and 180 Independent Livelihood Volunteers.

With its workable plans, strategies and support from donor community, WAMATA has registered 4,132,387 people who attended voluntary counselling and testing (VCT); covered 719,600 OVC/MVC and 313,356 PLHIVs; completed 2,048,634 sessions of Home-Based Care (HBC); registered 359,751 people who received HIV/AIDS care and treatment services (both at WAMATA and designated CTCs); covered 7,227,269 people with multitude of Outreach Program Services (including condom distribution); whilst 255,347 people (mostly women) have been engaged in economic empowerment schemes.

We have offices in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Ruvuma, Kagera and Mwanza including the strategic partnership offices in Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Pwani and Kilimanjaro.


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WAMATA’s vision is ‘‘A Civil Society that is able to prevent, control and mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS’.


Our mission is to engage communities in research and innovation that builds capacities to create HIV/AIDS solutions for sustained health, gender and economic growth in Tanzania.

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